Many thanks indeed again for your help - your CDs are great!  The chorus loves them!  It speeds up the whole learning process.  I recommend you to other directors/choruses too!

What a beautiful job on the learning tracks!  Kim, you truly are the very best!

Using Kim's learning CDs over the past year has enabled our new quartet to learn over thirteen songs and have the confidence to perform them. We have also ordered a custom-recorded arrangement which we hope to sing at our Region 11 contest in the spring. Thanks Kim for your wonderful work--GloryGals loves it!

Hi there from Region #35! We have been using Kim Kraut's learning CD's...these are of a very high  standard and are readily available. Kim was great in sending some to us very promptly which is much appreciated from Down Under. Her web page is and one can see what is available. Kim also has an easy pay system.
We keep in touch with Kim by using her learning tapes. Her tapes are wonderful and make learning a new song easier and oh so accurate!! Kim  is a very talented woman with a phenomenal voice.
My chorus has tried many different tape makers, and we find Kim's to be the most professional.  They are accurate, clear, and exhibit the highest level of barbershop craft--what a joy to learn from!!
I am co-director of Spirit of the Lakes Chorus in Region 22 and we are only 3 years old. We have used Kim Kraut's learning CD's from the beginning and they have helped us learn songs so much faster. They are a good price and quality, as you know, and I would recommend her to any chorus. She gets them to you very quickly and then we turn them over to our web mistress and our members can download them almost immediately. It's a MIRACLE! : )
Kim sets a wonderful example for our chorus members...not only do we learn the notes and words, but we pick up proper vowel sounds, lifted phrase endings and excellent vocal production!  It has been a joy working with Kim. I could write pages on the many times she's gone out of her way for us. Her reliability is beyond reproach! And the quality of her recordings is excellent and easily reproduced. Our chorus has had the benefit of her consistency and dependability for a couple of years now...we'll continue this relationship as long as she will have us!
Kim's learning tapes are very clear, precise, and CORRECT.  The time from introduction of a song to performability has been cut in half!---
Kim's response time is so fast, but more importantly her tapes and CDs are so accurate - our favourite "recording star"!
What a relief to have accurate and professional quality tapes. Cuts the learning time in half.
I highly recommend Kim's learning tapes.  They are accurate and very well done in all four parts.

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