Once you have found the song(s) you wish to order, simply add it to your shopping cart. You will then be taken through a secure payment system that allows you to use your credit card or your PayPal account. 

You will then receive an e-mail with a link to download your selected songs. You can then burn your own CD or make the files available to others in your singing group so they may create their own CDs. Delivery of the e-mail link is immediate, so you have access to your songs right after you order them. The package of files is delivered via a ZIP file, which will automatically extract files if you double-click it. All  individual files are delivered in MP3 format, which will easily convert to music CD format or can be directly downloaded to popular MP3 players, such as the iPod.

For security reasons, the availability of download links is limited to 15 days from the date of the e-mail you will receive as a result of your purchase. Once the links have expired, you will not be able to download the titles.

Please note that Kim's learning media is for educational purposes only and includes neither arrangements nor arrangers fees that are required for performance of the songs you select. Arrangement, per copy, and mechanical fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.


Kim's Online Store

Welcome to the New Online Store.

All the songs you see here are available for purchase on a CD or for download from this site.   Registration for a free account is required at checkout.  After you register & complete the checkout process, you will receive an email with instructions for downloading the song(s) or with an estimated ship date for the CD(s).  Happy Browsing!!