There are literally thousands of song titles available in the world of barbershop, and many arrangers create multiple arrangements of their songs. Sometimes, a new version of an existing arrangement is created for a specific group, or to change the key, or to modify an intro and a tag for improvement. The reasons for different versions are varied and abundant. learning tracks are generally created when specifically requested (ordered and paid) by a singing group, or sometimes at the request of an arranger as a companion to their arrangements. So, the version of the learning track matches the source of the request at the time of the request.

We have worked hard to put detailed information in the description of each track so that the source of the arrangement recorded can be matched. Likewise, we offer a 30-second clip and a full version of each 4-part recording so that you can be confident that you are buying tracks that are a match for your arrangement.

If you find, however, that your tracks are not an exact match, we recommend that you contact the arranger and ask them for the arrangement that does. You can find arranger contact information here. This is a good time to remind you that does not distribute sheet music and that it is the singer's responsibility to make sure that all proper licensing and arrangement fees have been paid.

If the arranger is unable to produce a copy of the arrangement used in the existing set of learning tracks, you can also request a custom arrangement of the new version here.

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