Learning media includes 13 tracks for standard 4-part songs—a track with all 4 parts together, and 3 versions of separate tracks for each part.

These tracks are:

    • 4-part equal*
    • lead alone
    • lead dominant
    • lead missing
    • bass alone
    • bass dominant
    • bass missing
    • baritone alone
    • baritone dominant
    • baritone missing
    • tenor alone
    • tenordominant
    • tenormissing

For songs with solo tracks there are also solo alone, solo dominant and solo missing, depending on the length of the solo parts.  For 8-part (double chorus) songs there will be 27 tracks - 13 for each "chorus" and one combining them. 

Learning media does not include the sheet music. Click the arranger's name on your selected song title to get contact information for securing the arrangement.

*The single-track, or 4-part equal, is also available for download separately from this package for $1.99, if the sample is not sufficient for your review.

Please note that Kim's learning media is for educational purposes only and includes neither arrangements nor arrangers fees that are required for performance of the songs you select.





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